Teen Classes

Welcome to our Teen classes!

We aim to dedicate our time to lay a solid foundation and further dancers with new technique and practice for Dance industry professionals (In training) 

for our teens. We offer the following classes

Hip-Hop---- Ballet----- Jazz---Majorette Prep----- Tumbling---

We have packages starting at $90 per month with $25 registration 


Jr/ Sr  Charms- ( Company) $125 Per month  

(3) 1hour Classes per week (including Tumbling, Recital, Performances)

Jr/ Sr Charms( Competition) $150 Per Month

(2) 1hour Classes per week (including Tumbling, Recital, Performances & Competition)

(1) 4 hour session per week

Beginner Majorette Classes HBCU  (1) Class Per week- $50 per month

Teen Dance classes

  • (2) 1hour Classes per week (not including Tumbling)-$90 per month
  • (4) 1hour Classes per week including tumbling-$140per month
  • (5) 1hour Classes per week including tumbling- $175per month

Drop in classes are $15 for members

please enjoy your first class(Session) for free. Once you decide your liking you can opt for 6month or 12 month option for tuition and fees.